Monday, September 25, 2006

Little Superstar (for the entire movie, scroll down)

*** translation ***

The movie this clip is from is called Adhsaya Piravi / Adhisaya Piravi / Athisaya Piravi which ever way you want to spell it. The language they are speaking is Tamil. This movie was made by the Tamil movie industry, usually called Kollywood, and probably not Bollywood because Bollywood is for typically Hindi movies.

Year this movie was made: 1990

The song they are playing is Holiday Rap by MC Miker G and DJ Sven, i think it's the orignial version,
the clip on youtube is a radio edit version and is shorter.

I found original longer version of the song used in this clip:
Holiday Rap link (download link is at the bottom of that page)
fast forward to 3:33 in the mp3 file. lyrics
***someone requested a RapidShare link: here it is***

this clip made it into THE 9 (by Yahoo) (its clip#3)

awesome, this clip is also on the current Yahoo! Current Buzz

the entire movie is below... scroll down

This clip was also shown on these shows:
Tucker - MSNBC
Finally, Tucker, you know, they say the Internet has made the world a smaller place. Well, without the information superhighway and YouTube, specifically, we might never know about Little Superstar. Let‘s take a look at this small wonder in India in action.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann, "Oddball" section - MSNBC

Back to Indian for an update on that video last night that we found on the Internets. Wait a minute, let me turn my earphone down. The creepy little dancing kid who‘s come to be known on the interweb as Little Superstar, we were not able to find his name, nor could we find the name of the movie or show he‘s appearing in, or if he does this door to door. Then again, we didn‘t really look for any of this information, either. What we did find was another clip of the little guy.

He smokes, he dances, he lays the smackdown. He really is a superstar.

Adhisaya Piravi (Part 1)

***got the subtitled version of the movie for you guys...

little superstar part is at 7:54 and 28:40

for fullscreen click on the google icon then "Go to Google Video"

The main actor is Rajini (Rajinikanth)

here is a little review of the movie...

Adhisaya Piravi (Part 2)

check out how rajini light up a cigarette at 21:05.

Adhisaya Piravi (Part 3)

Adhisaya Piravi (Part 4)

Adhisaya Piravi (Part 5)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

copyright info: i believe there are no restrictions (like the U.S.) as to what one should do and don't with a tamil movie. in this case we are having a public screening for the worldwide audience.

the only rule the tamil movie industry has is "don't pirate / or buy a pirated movie on dvd *before* it is released in theaters." other than that there are no major restrictions as far as i know.

if there is any restrictions, please do let me know. (show me where it says public viewing of a tamil movie is not allowed)... that is all for now. enjoy.